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Tor Bjørnstad
Section of Radiochemistry
Institute of Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences
University of Oslo

Learning Goals

The task in this Laboratory Exercise is to record a disintegration curve of 234mPa and from this curve determine the half-life of the nuclide. The234mPa radionuclide is obtained from a generator system consisting of an ion exchanger column with fixed 234Th where the daughter is milked by a liquid elution process. The α particles from the produced 234mPa-source is recorded by a GM-detector.

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Principle Behind Mother-Daughter Relationship

Experimental Procedure

Production and Measurement of a 234mPa Nuclide Generator

Questions for the Students

Safety Aspects


Preparation for the lab Supervisor

The equipment needed should be ready. The solutions needed should also be prepared. It is usually a good idea to not use to large columns as the time needed for the solution to pas trough the dowex will increase quite a lot with increased volume.

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