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  1. Make a 0.1 M solution of uranyl nitrate or acetate.
  2. Use 0.5 mL of the uranyl solution per cartridge. Use a syringe to push the solution through the cartridge .
  3. Wash the cartridge using 1.0 M HCl. After 2 mL check with NaAC+ K4(Fe(CN)6) if there is any precipitate uranium precipitate.
  4. Wash the chloride away with 0.5 M citric acid. After 2 mL check with silver nitrate if there is any chloride precipitation precipitation.
  5. Wait X min for the ingrowth how many minutes are needed?
  6. Push 2 mL of citric acid through the cartridge, insert the aluminum counting-vessel into the GM counter and measure the decay of the Pa.
  7. After this push 2 mL of citric acid through the cartridge, insert the cartridge into the GM counter measure the ingrowth of Pa

    How to Measure the Half Life

    For this part of the exercise, you will use a GM-probe connected to a simple counter to determine the disintegration rate of 234mPa.

    Before you get your sample, make sure you know exactly what to do. Test the counting procedure without a sample to ensure that this is the case.

    1 Make a god background measurement, i.e. use a long counting time (at least 30 min). It would be smart to start the background measurement before you prepare the radionuclide generator, as this will take at least one hour. Then you can start directly with the 234mPa measurements once the generator is ready.

Fig 3: Insertion of aluminum counting-vessel into a detector.