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Learning Goals

Here the learning goals and purpose of the exercise should be presented in a reasonable way.

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Theoretical Background for Isotopic Dilution

Experimental Procedure

Experimental procedure for Isotopic dilution

Questions for the Students

1. Calculate the efficiency of the precipitation.
2. Comment on the sources of error and discuss how the efficiency could be improved.


Safety Aspects

1. All work with 32P must be carried out in the spill tray provided, and a lab coat, gloves and safety glasses must be worn. Heating of solutions should be carried out using the dry bath housed in the fume-cupboard.
2. Samples in aluminium planchettes should be carried to the Geiger counter on a tray and should only be handled with tweezers.
3. DO NOT dispose of any liquid or solid waste down sinks or in waste bins. Place waste liquids in the plastic waste beakers provided. Place used gloves and tissues in the bin bags at the ends of the benches.


Description of the equipment needed and used during the exercises.

Preparation for the lab Supervisor

The preparation that the lab Supervisor needs to do to ready the lab.

Feedback from Users and Supervisors

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