NRC textbook "Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection Measurement"

Written by Jukka Lehto (2016) for NucWik and free use.

Jukka Lehto has written a textbook aimed at introducing new students to Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC). This was part of the FP7 project CINCH-II. The book is only available electronically, either in E-PUB or PDF format:

E-PUB formatted file (version 1.61 Feb2017).

PDF formatted file (version 1.61 Feb2017) (previous version).

Content (the EPUB-links are currently dead, put will be made active in the future)

  • The History of the Research of Radioactivity (EPUB)
  • The Structure of Atom and NucleusStability of Nuclei (EPUB)
  • Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Modes of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  • Rate of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  • Measurement of Radionucliedes (EPUB)
  • Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Measurement of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Gas Ionization Detectors (EPUB)
  • Alpha Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting (EPUB)
  • Radiation Imaging (EPUB)
  • Statistical Uncertainties (EPUB)
  • Nuclear Reactions (EPUB)
  • Production of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Isotope Separations (EPUB)

Collection of NRC Related Compendia and Topic Explanation Pages

We have collected and created a number of compendia explaining specific NRC subjects and also have a number of to-the-point topic-explanation pages.They are listed on a separate page.

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