Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection Measurement

NRC textbook "Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection Measurement"

Written by Jukka Lehto (2016) for NucWik and free use.

Jukka Lehto has written a textbook aimed at introducing new students to Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC). This was part of the FP7 project CINCH-II. The book is only available electronically, either in E-PUB or PDF format:

E-PUB formatted file (version 1.61 Feb2017).

PDF formatted file (version 1.61 Feb2017) (previous version).

Content (the EPUB-links are currently dead, put will be made active in the future)

  • The History of the Research of Radioactivity (EPUB)
  • The Structure of Atom and NucleusStability of Nuclei (EPUB)
  • Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Modes of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  • Rate of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  • Measurement of Radionucliedes (EPUB)
  • Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Measurement of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Gas Ionization Detectors (EPUB)
  • Alpha Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  • Liquid Scintillation Counting (EPUB)
  • Radiation Imaging (EPUB)
  • Statistical Uncertainties (EPUB)
  • Nuclear Reactions (EPUB)
  • Production of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  • Isotope Separations (EPUB)