Neutron Activation of Silver and two Component Decay

Lab Exercise - Neutron Activation of Silver and two Component Decay

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Section of Radiochemistry
Institute of Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences
University of Oslo

Learning Goals

Understand the principle of neutron activation
Deconvolution of a decay curve with two components

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Neutron Activation of Ag with a Pu/Be n-source (read)
How to Calculate End-of-Irradiation Yields of Ag-isotopes (read)

Experimental Procedure

Neutron Activation of Ag
How to Measure the Decay of n-activated Silver
Analyzing a Two-component Decay Curve
Analyzing the Production Curve of n-activated Ag

Questions for the Students

Use the cross-sections from the nuclear chart, the half life and a thermal neutron-flux of 2*103 n/cm2s to estimate the relative amount you will produce for a 144 s irradiation. Which nuclei will be dominant?

Determine what kind of gamma radiation to expect from the silver isotopes produced in the irradiation and their associated relative intensity (e.g. from [Berkeley/Lund database]).

Safety Aspects


Need silver disk and a neutron source, or if using RoboLab an internet connection.

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