Calculation Exercises

Calculation Exercises

Here is a collection of a variety of exercises to aid teaching Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC). The material is collected from teachers and teaching institutions at different universities and provided "as is". If you find errors, has suggestions for improvement or any other useful comment, please write it at the associated comment page for the relevant exercise (you need to be a registered NucWik user) or send it to Likewise if you have exercises not listed here that you would like to share and make available for others (in the true NucWik spirit!).

For most exercises suggested solutions are provided from the respective "solutions" link. Please help us improve these and add new ones where no solutions are provided!

Basic Issues

 related to fundamental issues about radioactivity, radiation, decay laws and the use of the nuclear chart.

Nuclear Structure and Matter

 related to understanding how nucleons bind together and form nuclei.

Nuclear Reactions

Radiation Protection

related to radiation effects on matter/humans and safety concerns.