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Welcome to the NucWik site for teaching material for Nuclear and Radiochemistry. Everybody is welcome to use material from this site, but it's primarily aimed at teachers teaching at Universities. At NucWik you will find ready made texts, explanations, illustrations, calculation exercises, laboratory exercises, etc. to help you in teaching Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC).


Material for laboratory, training, and calculation exercises


Free and open texbooks about Nuclear and Radiochemistry 

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NucWik was operated as a wiki until March 2018, but after our host WikiSpaces.com decided to terminate their service by June 2018 it was decided to run NucWik as a normal web-site for the time being. Even if it is no longer operated as a wiki, we still hope that you will help us to develop even more and better material! We strongly urge you to contribute, the usefulness and quality of NucWik depend on as many people as possible contribute - help yourself and us to enhance the quality of our teaching! Please contact us if you have material to share!

NucWik was created as part of the CINCH EU-project for evaluating and planing nuclear and radiochemistry teaching in Europe. Please refer to the CINCH web-pages at: http://cinch-project.eu/index.php for details about this project.

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