Run the Exercise

To run this exercise click here: Before you can run the exercise you need to have booked a time slot (see below) and have installed the appropriate LabView plug-in (as explained on the main RoboLab page).


To book a time slot for using this remote controlled laboratory you must contact Jon Petter Omtvedt (UiO). Please provide full name, affiliation and when you would like to run the exercise. You will not be able to use the system before you have received a username and password.

Student Guides

Suggested Preparation before RoboLab Exercise

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Pictures and Videos

Pictures and videos from the physical laboratory (click on the picture/video for full-size image):
RoboLab2 overview.jpg
Overview picture: The 2 m long transport rail exits the hole in the 1m thick concrete wall where the Pu/Be source is located and enters the detector tower. To the right is the rack with counting electronics and pneumatic control electronics.
RoboLab2 counting tower.jpg
Picture of the counting tower also showing position of the webcam.
RoboLab2 rail entering lead tower.jpg
View inside lead tower, the silver disk is placed inside the red holder. The detector (2" NaI) can be seen under the red holder.
RoboLab2 counting electronics.jpg
The counting electronics (left and middle) and the pneumatic control (right)
RoboLab2 neutron shielding.jpg
View from behind the 1 m thick concrete shielding wall, showing the boron parafine used to absorb the neutrons (which are slowed down to thermal energies by 20 cm of parafine inside the boron parafine. The transport rail for the silver disk enters the parafine shielding from a whole in the concrete brick wall (not visible in the picture).
RoboLab2 control computer.jpg
The RoboLab2 control computer, which is the server you connect to when running this exercise.