NRC textbook "Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection Measurement"

Written by Jukka Lehto (2016) for NucWik and free use.

CINCH_approved_100x91.jpgJukka Lehto has written a textbook aimed at introduction new students to Nuclear and Radiochemistry (NRC). This was part of the FP7 project CINCH-II. The book is only available electronically, either in E-PUB or PDF format:

Content (individual chapters can be downloaded separately, use the provided links)
  1. The History of the Research of Radioactivity (EPUB)
  2. The Structure of Atom and NucleusStability of Nuclei (EPUB)
  3. Radionuclides (EPUB)
  4. Modes of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  5. Rate of Radioactive Decay (EPUB)
  6. Measurement of Radionucliedes (EPUB)
  7. Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  8. Measurement of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  9. Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  10. Gas Ionization Detectors (EPUB)
  11. Alpha Detectors and Spectrometry (EPUB)
  12. Liquid Scintillation Counting (EPUB)
  13. Radiation Imaging (EPUB)
  14. Statistical Uncertainties (EPUB)
  15. Nuclear Reactions (EPUB)
  16. Production of Radionuclides (EPUB)
  17. Isotope Separations (EPUB)

Collection of compendia, exercise introductions, book chapters etc

NucWik contains a lot of texts and compendia about specific topics, e.g. as introduction to specific laboratory exercises. This can be difficult to locate if you are browsing for specific topic. A topic list which link to relevant texts and material has therefore been created, see below. The material in the free and open access NRC textbook written by Jukka Lehto has not yet been linked into the topic list, work is in progress (autumn 2016) to achieve this.

  1. Introduction and Background
    1. The History of the Research of Radioactivity (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
  2. Fundamentals
    1. Basic Properties of the Atomic Nucleus
    2. Radionuclides (different types of..) (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    3. Stability of Nuclides (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    4. Liquid Drop Model
    5. Shell-model and Magic Numbers
  3. Radioactivity
    1. The Decay Law and Mother-Daughter Relationships
    2. Naturally Occuring Radioactivity
    3. Modes of Radioactive Decy (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    4. Rate of Radioactive Decay (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
  4. Radiation Safety and Health Hazards
    1. Interaction between Radiation and Matter
    2. Interaction of Radiation with Matter (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    3. Radiation Dose
    4. Practical Radiation Protection Practise in the Laboratory
    5. Radiation Monitors and Survey Meters
    6. Handling Laboratory Accidents and Mishaps
    7. Rules and Procedures for Specific Countries
  5. Detection of Radiation
    1. Measurement of Radionuclides (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    2. Gas-filled Ionisation Detectors
    3. Gas Ionization Detectors (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    4. Solid Scintillation Detectors
    5. Gamma Detectors and Spectrometry (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    6. Seminconductor Detectors
    7. Liquid Scintillation Counting (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    8. Liquid Scintillation Detectors
    9. Alpha Detectors and Spectrometry (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    10. Radiation Imaging (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    11. Statistical Uncertainties (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    12. Measurement, uncertainty and Detection Limits
  6. Radiochemical Separation Methods
    1. Isotope Separations (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
  7. Radiochemical Analysis Techniques
    1. Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
  8. Nuclear Reactions
    1. Fundamental Parameters for Nuclear Reactions
    2. Nuclear Reactions (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
    3. Nuclear Reaction Probabilities - Cross Sections
    4. Production of Radionuclides (Jukka Lehto e-book) (EPUB)
  9. Nuclear Fission
  10. Nuclear Fusion
  11. Radiocology and Enviormental Concerns
  12. Industrial Use of Radioactivity
    1. The Oil and Gas Industry
  13. Nuclear Methods in Materials Dating
    1. Argon-Argon
    2. Cesium
    3. Cosmogenic Radionuclides
    4. Polonium-Lead
    5. Potassium-Argon
    6. Radiocarbon
    7. Rubidium-Strontium
    8. Samarium-Neodynium
    9. Uranium Series Disequilbrium