The CINCH consortium developed a hands-on training course for how to use NucWik. It is a 3-4 hour "hands-on" seminar aiming at
  1. making teachers aware of the NucWik feature and it's possibilities,
  2. instruct them on some typical ways to use material from NucWik in Nuclear- and Radiochemistry (NRC) teaching , and
  3. to give them basic knowledge and practice on how to upload material and actively contribute to the NucWik database.

The course will run for 3-4 hours with an option to be extended with a more advanced hand-on session (thus expanding it into a full-day course).

If you would like such a course to be arranged at your instituttion or in connection a an event, please contact Prof. Jon Petter Omtvedt at the University of Oslo to discuss details and conditions.

Course Outline

The outline of the course is as following:

A course consisting of Session A-C will last for 45 + 90 + 60 minutes; breaks can be added between the three sessions as fitting. For a more advanced course session D can be added (probably after a lunch break) and will typically bring the course to a full day event. Alternatively, Session A-C can be run for everybody in a group and Session D offered for those "specially interested".

Course Material

Power-point files and other material used for the course is provided below: