Master Program on Radioecology

At Norwegian University of Life Science, a MSc program on Radioecology is available. It is the only MSc program on Radioecology in Europe.
What is Radioecology? See the following short film: What is radioecology
More information on Radioecology and Environmental radioactivity, please see the Radioecology Exchange

Why study Radioecology?

Study programme structure

The first year provides basic course modules as well as the initiating of the research project; the second year is dedicated to experiments, data, collection and analysis, i.e. finalizing the master thesis. The course modules will be held at NMBU with support from collaborating European universities. Course modules will be presented by highly competent Norwegian and European teachers.

Compulsory courses:

Contents of the programme

In a diverse learning process, you will gain knowledge about radioecology; behaviour of radionuclides in the environment, as well as impact and risk assessment based on radiochemistry and radiation protection, the nuclear industry and waste management, project management and research methods.
Skills in these areas are required not only to deal with currently installed nuclear capacity and decommissioned facilities, but also to meet the needs presented by likely new build nuclear installations.

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