KJM 3700 Environmental Chemistry

This course is taught at University of Oslo (UiO) and contains a part about Nuclear Chemistry. Relevant material from NucWik that is used for this course is listed here.

Compendium about Radioactivity

  1. Introduction to Radioactivity
    1. Stable and Unstable Nuclei
    2. History
    3. The Compostion and Size of the Nucleus
    4. Notation
    5. Law of Planck - Energy Units
  2. The Radioactive Disintegration Processes
    1. Disintegration in General
    2. Laws of Preservation
    3. The alpha Disintegration
    4. The beta-minus Disintegration
    5. The beta-plus Disintegration
    6. Electron Capture

  3. The Disintegration Laws
  4. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  5. Examples