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Learning Goals

Here the learning goals and purpose of the exercise should be presented in a reasonable way.

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Ion exchange on insoluble crystal surfaces

Experimental Procedure

Experimental procedure for determination of the specific surface are of an insoluble substance

Questions for the Students

Here there should be relevant questions regarding the theory of the exercise which should be possible to answer after the exercises have been performed. The questions should be molded into the report that the students write after the exercises in such a way that it feels natural.


How to do calculations or other important aspects for the theory that is not directly related to exercise.

Safety Aspects


Scintillation vials x 2
Buchner funnel
IR lamp
Tray for transfer
Lead castle Geiger counter
Scaler timer
Clamp stand + pressure tubing
1 mL pippet
0.2 g lead sulphate
Filter paper
Al planchette x 3
1 mL tips
4.5 mL 35S saturated lead sulphate (@ 0.37 kBq per mL)

Preparation for the lab Supervisor

The preparation that the lab Supervisor needs to do to ready the lab.

Feedback from Users and Supervisors

Here there should be a link to a open page where people who have used the exercise can leave feedback. How the exercises worked and troubles in performing it.

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