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Learning Goals

Here the learning goals and purpose of the exercise should be presented in a reasonable way.

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Isotopic Ratio of Natural Uranium

Experimental Procedure

Determination of the 238-U 234-U Ratio

Questions for the Students


Describe in detail the whole separation procedure and explain why each step was made. Draw a separation procedure scheme.
Draw the alpha spectrum and identify all uranium peaks.
Calculate the chemical yield of U separation.
Calculate the activity concentrations of 234U and 238U and their uncertainties. Calculate the 234U/238U ratio and its uncertainty.

Safety Aspects

Here the safety aspects of the exercises should be written. Because of the different rules in different countries this will probably never be correct for every user. It should at least contain HMDS for the chemical compounds used or relevant links to used equipment.


Description of the equipment needed and used during the exercises.

Preparation for the lab Supervisor

The preparation that the lab Supervisor needs to do to ready the lab.

Feedback from Users and Supervisors

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