CINCH_approved_100x91.jpgTraditionally calculation exercises were solved by pen and pencil, or today by using a calculator or maybe by a spreadsheet's basic math functions. However, certain problems demand extensive calculations and are therefore generally not used for student exercises. This is a pity, as many such problems can provide important insights and learning. On this NucWik page you find links to "Computing in Science Education (CSE)" exercises that use the number crunching capabilities of modern computers to solve calculation intensive problems. Follow this link to find more general information about the CSE exercises.

List of CiE Exercises:

Simulation of Transuranium Waste Generation in a Nuclear Power-Plant This exercise takes a simplified approach to modelling changes in the fuel composition and generation of waste in a nuclear power reactor to highlight aspects and problems related to long-lived nuclear waste. The exercise is particularly useful for teaching waste composition and generation as a function of original fuel composition, including fuels containing thorium and plutonium.

Screen-shot - M-D Simulation LabView VI - Oct2015 - icon.jpgSimulation of Radionuclide Genetic Dependency (Mother-Daughter relationship). This exercise calculates the change in radioactivity in a mother-daughter relationship as a function of time, using both an analytic solution (formula) and by numerically solving differential equations. In particular, this exercise is suitable for learning about radionuclide generators.

Simulating a Gamma-ray Detector. A simulated gamma-detector can be programmed to only absorb gamma-rays in selected ways. For example one can choose that the detector do not measure events that are absorbed by the Compton effect. In this way the various ways gamma-rays interact with matter (the detector) and the inherit properties of the detector can be controlled and studied with much greater control than in real life. This exercise is particurarly suitable as preparation for hands-on laboratory exercises where real gamma-ray detectors will be used (e.g. HPGe or NaI detectors).


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