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Section of Radiochemistry
Institute of Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences
University of Oslo

Learning Goals

Explanation and Exercise Guide


Safety Rules in Radiochemistry

Experimental Procedure

Working With Radioactive Material

Questions for the Students

Before students start the laboratory exercise they should answer the following questions and write the answers in your laboratory journal. Your lab suppervisor will check the answers and you are not allowed to start before she/he has signed the page in your journal.

Q1: What does the symbol that marks radioactivity look like?
Q2: Why is it strictly forbidden to work in such a way that there is danger of internal contamination (the radioactive source enters the body), while it is legal to a certain degree to expose oneself to external radiation (for instance working close to a radioactive source)?
Q3: The exposure should always be as little as possible ( the ALARA principle). For an external radiation source there is three main ways to do this. Which?


How to do calculations or other important aspects for the theory that is not directly related to exercise.

Safety Aspects

Safety Rules in Radiochemistry


Preparation for the lab Supervisor

Feedback from Users and Supervisors

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