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To separate 234Th from its parent 238U and measure its activity, and the comparison of the measured activity with the calculated value to deterine the yield of the separation.
One of the four natural radioactive decay series is the (4n + 2) series which starts at 238U. The first few steps in the series are shown in the script for experiment 15A (Separation of 234mPa from 238U and the measurement of its half-life) . In any sample of natural uranium, although the bulk may be 238U, small amounts of 234Th, 234mPa, 234Pa and 234U will be present. Since thorium is chemically different from uranium, chemical separation may be used to isolate it from a sample of natural uranium. This experiment uses co-precipitation of 234Th with ferric hydroxide to perform the chemical separation.

Experimental procedure for the separation of 234Th from 238U

Questions - The separation of 234Th from 238U