Learning Goals

To prepare a sample of radiolabelled aspirin and measure the yield of the reaction radiometrically

Explanation and Exercise Guide


The study of chemical metabolism in the body is greatly facilitated by the availability of compounds labelled with a radioactive atom. Such an example is 14C-labelled aspirin. This experiment will show you how to prepare this compound labelled in the acetyl group, and will illustrate some of the special techniques used in synthesising radioactive compounds.

Experimental Procedure

experimental procedure for radiolabelling of aspirin

Questions for the Students

  1. Why was the yield not 100%?
  2. Why was inactive aspirin was added as a scavenger?


How to do calculations or other important aspects for the theory that is not directly related to exercise.

Safety Aspects


Description of the equipment needed and used during the exercises.

Preparation for the lab Supervisor

The preparation that the lab Supervisor needs to do to ready the lab.

Feedback from Users and Supervisors

Here there should be a link to a open page where people who have used the exercise can leave feedback. How the exercises worked and troubles in performing it.

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